Manage all your to-do lists from a single Chrome tab


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If you need more than one window open when you're working with Chrome, you probably know that managing more than three tabs at a time can be pretty tough. Taco is a tool to access more than 40 different services from a single tab, making it much easier to browse between them. You can save time managing all your activities in the smooth way possible.

Among others services on Taco, there's Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, Bugzilla, Codebase, Evernote, Exchange, GitHub Issues, Gmail, Google Tasks, Highrise, Instapaper, IMAP, JIRA, Lighthouse, OmniFocus, Pivotal Tracker, Podio, Producteev, Remember The Milk, RSS, Salesforce.com, Sifter, Sprintly, TeamworkPM, Tender, Text files (URL), Things, Todoist, Trello, Unfuddle, UserVoice, and Zendesk. To access any of them you have to insert your username and password as you would do on the official website, and they'll automatically be linked to Taco.

Once you link all the profiles you want to use from this utility, Taco becomes a giant notifications center. It's completely customizable, so you can create dozens of bookmarks that can help you remember the tasks you have to do or emails you have to respond to, for instance. You can also add as many favorites as you want. Taco helps you manage your work in the best way possible.

As this tool is actually a Chrome extension, everything you do is saved to the cloud so you can access it even if you're working on a PC that's not yours. That way you can do your tasks no matter where you are and manage all your profiles even if you don't remember the passwords. Turn to Taco to make work easier and avoid saturating your screen with open tabs that end up interfering with your work.
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